The Crucible Auditions
CAST Headquarters – 1005 Gurnee Ave, Anniston, AL 36201
Thursday, January 11th – 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Saturday, January 13th – 12:00PM – 3:00PM

Emotions and drama fly freely around the town of Salem in this legendary classic, Arthur Miller’s THE CRUCIBLE. CAST is looking for dynamic actors to carry the weight of this very heavy show. No monologues required but they are welcome. Be prepared to perform line readings from the script with other auditionees. Special permissions to change some roles to the opposite gender are pending with the licensing company. Either way, the show will be cast color blind according to the director’s discretion. Special video submissions or similar arrangements may be considered upon direct request to the director. The show is scheduled to run from Thursday March 14, 2024 to Sunday March 17, 2024.
The following roles feature characters with a large number of lines to memorize and would require you be prepared to rehearse and study independently more often than others:
John Proctor
Elizabeth Proctor
Abigail Williams
Mary Warren
Reverend Samuel Parris
Reverend John Hale
Deputy- Governor Danforth
Giles Corey
The following roles are characters who have important moments throughout the show but appear once or twice in a spread out fashion:
Susanna Walcott
Betty Parris
Thomas Putnam
Goody Ann Putnam
Mercy Lewis
Rebecca Nurse
Ezekiel Cheever
John Willard
Judge Hathorne
Sarah Good